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Joint account transfers

Receive bank transfers to your joint account 

To receive a bank transfer to your joint account, you'll need to provide the sender with your joint account details. 

To view your joint account details in-app:

  1. Go to the 'Home' screen
  2. Below your balance, tap 'Accounts'
  3. Select your joint account
  4. Tap 'Details' or the flag icon 

You can also share your account details with your employer to receive your salary in the joint account.

Send a bank transfer 

To transfer money and schedule payments in-app:

  1. Go to 'Payments' on the bottom menu
  2. Choose the recipient, the amount from your joint account balance, and the frequency
  3. Review the payment and proceed 

Transfers to other Revolut customers

If you want to transfer money to another Revolut customer, you first need to withdraw the money from your joint account to your personal Revolut account and then transfer the money to the recipient. It’s not possible to make a peer-to-peer transfer from the joint account because your joint account doesn't have a profile or a username.