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What does request refund mean?

Sometimes a team member may have spent on their Revolut Business card for a personal expense or the expense was out of company policy.

You can request a refund from your team member for the money that was spent:

  • Go to the In Review tab from the web app
  • Click on an expense and click on the Request refund button
  • You can provide a comment describing the reason this expense was rejected
  • The team member will receive an email and see this request on their mobile app with the bank account details to refund the expense

When we detect incoming payment for a matching amount and compatible date, we will show the refund as "Possible refund found"

Once the payment has been received, you can mark the expense as "Refunded" If you mark the expense as "Refunded", it will move to the "Reviewed" tab.

At any time, you can also cancel the refund request by click on the "Cancel refund request" button on the expense.

If you have connected Xero, we will export the expense as well as a bill for the refund, so you can correctly account for it.

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