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My business operates from a personal address

Working from home

Proof requirements

  • All documents provided should be dated within the last 3 months unless otherwise mentioned below
  • All documents provided should mention your name and the name of any director or significant owner of the company (>25% of shares)

Accepted proof of operating address

  • An utility bill (i.e. water, power, landline phone, internet)
  • A bill related to a courier delivery of parcels, court documents, or fines delivered to the operating address
  • Card delivery

Working from my family's home

If you live with your parents, spouse, or another family member (first-degree relative), and have no documents under your name or company name to verify your operating address, you can still verify your operating address. Provide documents under your first-degree relative, and additionally submit a signed letter by the family member confirming the company operates from there or the applying person lives there.