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What is Shops?

Shops allows you to make daily purchases with your favourite brands and get cashback. You will receive cashback only on payments made with the Revolut card after activating an offer in the Revolut app.

To do that, head to 'Lifestyle'→ select 🛍️ 'Shop' → choose 'Online' or 'In-Store'.

Online ('Lifestyle'→ 'Shop' → 'Online')

  • This section features brands you can shop online with, and get cashback or a discount.
  • Search for a brand using the search bar and tap on the chosen brand.
  • If the offer is a promo code, activate it by tapping 'Copy code and redeem' or 'Redeem offer'. You'll be redirected to the brand's website, where you should paste the code during the checkout. It'll give you a discount on the purchase.
  • If the offer is cashback, activate it by tapping 'Shop with X% cashback'. You'll be redirected to the brand's website, where you should complete the purchase within 30 minutes.
  • If the offer is not a promo code or cashback follow the instructions in the offer and complete the purchase by tapping on 'Redeem offer'.
  • Pay with your Revolut card directly or via Revolut card on Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal.
  • We pay out cashback instantly, but in some cases, it may take a few days.

In-store ('Lifestyle' → 'Shop' → 'In-store')

  • This section features brand spots that you can walk into and shop in-store with cashback.
  • Check nearby stores on the map. You'll need to enable location sharing for the map to work correctly.
  • Pick a store and tap on it to activate the cashback offer.
  • The button 'Directions' will take you to a navigation map that helps you find your way to the location.
  • Pay in-store with your Revolut card or via Revolut card on any digital wallet.
  • We pay out cashback instantly but, in some cases, it may take a few days.

Purchase isn't eligible for the cashback if the customer:

  • Uses Revolut 'Buy Now Pay Later' solution to purchase the items.
  • Uses a non-supported 'Pay Later' solution provided by a third party, other than Revolut. In this case, cashback are granted only on the first instalment.
  • Pays online for an in-store offer.
  • Pays in-store for an online offer.
  • Hasn’t activated the offer in-app.
  • Pays for an online purchase later than in 30 min.

We can only consider your purchase to be made once it is visible in your Revolut account. Cashback is paid in relation to the transaction amount shown in your Revolut account.