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What can I use my loan for?

Loans can be used for a range of things, some of the most common being:

  • Buying a vehicle
  • Making home improvements
  • Holiday
  • Personal expenses

During the application you will be asked to declare what purpose you intend to use the funds for. If the purpose is not listed then you can select 'Other'.

As Revolut offers a personal loan, the money cannot be used for:

  • Business purposes
  • Investment
  • Gambling

Your credit card limit can be used for:

  • Physical or virtual purchase of goods or services (with an interest-grace period)
  • Cash withdrawal from an ATM (without any grace period)
  • Making transfers using your credit card (there's no difference whether the other bank account is yours or not)
  • Making a payment from your credit limit into your main Revolut account
  • Adding money into your main Revolut account with your Revolut credit card 

Revolut Credit Cards can't be used for purchases at casinos, betting outlets, pawn shops, buying online lottery tickets, gaming chips, share trading, or spread betting.