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Can I add money to Revolut using my linked account?

Adding money with open banking is really quick and easy. Just go to your add money options and choose the Easy bank transfer method to get started.

If you've already linked your external account, simply click Transfer to Revolut from your linked accounts section or choose your Linked account from the add money options screen

If you're using your AIB account to add money, you must remember that you'll need your bank's card reader with you. You'll be asked to enter a code from the card reader to finish adding money to Revolut from your external bank account.

For more information on how to use your bank's card reader, click here for AIB

If you're using your Ulster account to add money, you will need to 1. Add your Revolut account as a beneficiary on your bank, and 2. Mark this beneficiary as a trusted beneficiary on the same screen.

For more information on how to add Trusted beneficiaries, click here for Ulster

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