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Switching to an Irish IBAN

Revolut is launching an Irish Branch, which means that customers living in Ireland will migrate to the Irish branch and will receive an Irish IBAN. With Irish IBAN your Revolut account will now be even better suited for use as a primary account to:

  • Getting your salary paid directly into Revolut
  • Making payments via Direct Debit
  • Avoiding the additional paperwork required for non-Irish IBANs
  • Paying utility providers directly from your Revolut account

When will I move to the Irish Branch?

Existing customers will be migrated to the Irish branch in phases about two months from receiving the notification email. You will get an Irish IBAN on the same day you are moved to the Irish branch, and we'll notify you when the transfer is done.

I have recurring payments set to my current IBAN, for how long will they work?

You'll continue to receive payments on your LT IBAN for a period of two months after receiving your IE IBAN, so you've got time to update and share the new details with all the necessary parties.

Can I keep my old IBAN instead of changing to the new IE one?

You won't be able to keep your old IBAN. After 60 days of receiving the notice about your eligibility for the branch, your account will be fully migrated to the new Irish branch.

Why haven't I been invited to move to a new IE IBAN?

There are specific requirements you need to meet to be eligible for this option. You'll need to have the required documentation and your country of residence needs to be Ireland. If you're eligible, you'll receive a communication from us regarding the Irish IBAN.

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