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How can I send a cash gift?

Gifting allows you to send cash gifts with fun animations and personal messages. It works similar to regular transfers between Revolut accounts. You can send it right away, or schedule your gift for a special day. We’ll make sure it arrives on time!

To send a cash gift

  1. Go to 'Payments'
  2. Search for the contact or add a new recipient
  3. Press 'Send' and then the gift icon
  4. Pick a gift cover, press 'Continue'
  5. Add a personalized message and amount
  6. Select the recipient and choose to send it right away or schedule the gift to be sent on a specific day
  7. Press 'Send gift of XXX'

If your recipient has not received the gift, check that you entered their right contact information and that they have downloaded the Revolut app.

Receive a gift voucher

When someone sends you a voucher, you’ll receive a push or inbox notification. Tap this notification or push to see the personalised voucher cover. To open the voucher, just flip the gift cover and tap 'Redeem Gift'.
If you want to open the voucher some other time:

  1. From the 'Home' screen, go to 'Lifestyle' on the bottom menu
  2. Select 'Shops'
  3. Tap 'Gift Vouchers' and go to 'Your gifts'
  4. You will see a list of unopened and redeemed gifts

Cashback for gift vouchers

All Plus, Premium, Metal, and Ultra customers receive cashback on digital gift vouchers. The cashback rate varies by merchant and plan. Premium customers receive more than Plus customers, while Metal and Ultra customers get the highest cashback. Cashback initiates immediately after purchase and will appear in your account within two working days.