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Sending a bank transfer

How to send a bank transfer

  1. Go to the 'Home' screen and tap the 'Payments' tab
  2. Tap 'New' (plus symbol at the top right of the ‘Payments’ tab)
  3. Choose 'Bank recipient' or search for a past recipient
  4. Enter the details required 

If you don’t have the bank details you need, choose 'Create a payment link' instead of 'Bank recipient'.

We don't support transfers to some countries and currencies. You can find out more about unsupported transfers in this article. If the country or currency isn't available for a bank transfer, you may be able to send a transfer to a card by choosing ‘Card Recipient’.


You’ll see the estimated arrival of your transfer in-app before you send money. You can check this, and track your transfer, by tapping on it in your transaction history.


There are usually no limits, but we'll show you any exceptions in-app before you send money. You can send large amounts as usual. If we need any extra information from you, we'll let you know.


Revolut fees for sending a bank transfer:

  • No fee for GBP transfers within the UK
  • No fee for EUR transfers within the SEPA region
  • Small fee for transfers outside the UK & SEPA region

You'll be shown any Revolut fees before you send your transfer. We don't have visibility over fees from other banks. Learn more about these fees in this FAQ.

Paid plan customers get discounts on international transfer fees. Find out more on this page.

Issues sending a bank transfer

Tap on your transfer in your transaction history to download your transfer confirmation, track your transfer, and get specialised help on your transfer if needed.

If you need more help with bank transfers, read this FAQ.