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Fees for trading crypto

Fee pricing structure

Crypto tiered pricing is a new pricing structure that gives you access to lower fees, once you trade in certain volumes.

Depending on your plan, location, and previous 30 days trading volume, you can benefit from lower fees if your trading volume falls within a specific tier.

Countries included in crypto tiered pricing

To see the countries where tiered pricing is available, please visit our Fees page, select your plan type, and visit the crypto section.

If you’re located in one of these countries, crypto tiered pricing is available to you on all plans (excluding Essentials). Participation requires no additional steps. Once you place eligible trades, they'll be automatically counted towards your 30-day rolling trading volume starting from the date that tiered pricing was rolled out to your country, as stated in the Fees page.
To find out more about crypto tiered pricing, read these FAQs in our Help section.

Fair usage fee

If the fair usage limit is exceeded, you’ll additionally pay a fair usage fee. Check this FAQ to learn more about it.

Fees for exchanging USDC and USDT

Exchanging between fiat (regular money) and USDC/USDT or vice versa doesn't have a crypto fee. However, if you exchange USDC/USDT for other cryptocurrencies, or the other way around, there’ll be a crypto fee. If you exceed your free foreign exchange limit, any further exchanges to or from USDC/USDT will have an exchange fee.