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Can I withdraw funds from my Robo-Advisor account at any time?

You can withdraw your balance at any time, subject to minimum account value requirements. Typically, the withdrawal process takes between 3-4 business days to be completed.

The minimum account value requirement is €100. To keep your Robo-Advisor account active, you'll be unable to withdraw any amount that'd result in your balance dropping below €100. Please note, the minimum withdrawal amount from your Robo-Advisor account is €10.

If your portfolio value drops below €100, your invested funds won't be liquidated, unless you choose to close your Robo-Advisor account.

If you withdraw money from your Robo-Advisor account, it can have tax and other implications, depending on the type of assets in the portfolio and your specific circumstances. In some cases, selling assets to withdraw funds can trigger capital gains or losses, which may be subject to taxation.

Investors should carefully consider the potential tax consequences before withdrawing money from their investment portfolio. Revolut Securities Europe UAB doesn't advise on tax-related matters.