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Global Markets feature

What is Global Markets?

Global Markets is a feature available in the Revolut app which you can use to keep track of key macroeconomic indicators and indices across geographies. We provide 14 indices and 5 macro indicators across 8 regions, offering a current global overview of the trading markets. 

How do I access Global Markets?

You can access Global Markets in-app by going to the 'Invest' tab on the bottom menu and tapping the globe icon in the top-right corner. You can tap and hold any index to pin it. You can unpin a market under the 'Pinned markets' section in the same way.

Indexes and index trackers

Indexes typically measure the performance of a basket of securities intended to replicate a certain area of the market. These could be constructed as a broad-based index that captures the entire market, or could be more specialised, tracking a particular industry or segment.

Available index trackers:

  • US500 - tracks S&P 500
  • USNDX - tracks NASDAQ 100
  • US30 - tracks DOW JONES
  • DE40 - tracks DAX 40
  • FR40 - tracks CAC 40
  • GB100 - tracks FTSE 100
  • AU300 - tracks ASX 200
  • HK50 - tracks Hang Seng
  • JPN225 - tracks NIKKEI 225
  • Crude Oil - tracks BRNT
  • Natural gas - track NTGS 

You can also view and track the price of gold and the current USD to EUR and GBP to EUR exchange rates.

To learn more about available economic indicators, you can visit this FAQ in our Help Centre.