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How can I assign the 'Owner' role to another person in the company?

What is an account 'Owner'?

Each Revolut Business account has one team member with the Owner role. Initially, the person who opened the Business account (the applicant) — and who serves as our main contact — is assigned the Owner role. There can be only 1 Owner per account, but the Admin role also provides additional team members full access to the account.

Can the account Owner transfer account ownership?

Account Owners can't transfer ‌account ownership themselves. Only another Admin can. 

Transferring ownership as an Admin

Before transferring ownership, make sure that the person you're about to assign as Owner is also on the Revolut Business account as an Admin.

  • If the new Owner is not on the account yet, any team member with the 'Manage team members' permission can invite them as Admin. They can do so by going to the 'Team' tab and clicking Invite
  • If they're already on the account but aren't assigned the Admin role, any team member with the 'Manage team members' permission can re-assign them the Admin role. They can do so by going to the 'Team' tab, selecting their profile and clicking 'Role'

Now, this Admin can transfer account ownership:

  1. Go to 'Settings'
  2. Open 'Accounts & documents' and choose 'Transfer account ownership'
  3. Select the new Owner from the list (only team members who already have the Admin role and have verified their identity will be listed as eligible)
  4. After confirmation, they'll be assigned the Owner role and the former Owner will be reassigned the Admin role (if needed, you can delete them afterwards from their profile page)

You can only change the Owner role after completing the application process. If your application isn't complete, you'll need to terminate the current application, and the correct account Owner will need to start a new one.