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Why is Revolut asking for an operating address, if I have provided a registered address?

We need to know both your registered and operating addresses to ensure that your business is registered and operates in one of Revolut's supported countries.

Your operating address is the address of the place where you work every day, your headquarters, or your flagship location. It could be an office, a coworking space, a shop, your home or any other place. This address can’t be virtual.

Your registered address is the official address registered with a government body. It can be different from the address at which you have your business or coworking space.

If your business is registered in the UK, we can get your registered address from Companies House. However, we'll need to ask you for an additional document to support the information you’ve already provided for the operating address.

As soon as you receive an information request from Revolut, please take the following steps:

  • Go to the Revolut Business Requests page
  • Go through each section to confirm the information
  • After all sections are completed click ‘Click here to submit’
  • Tick the confirmation box and click ‘Finish Review’
  • Please provide the requested information as soon as possible – if we don’t receive the necessary information within 21 days of the request, your account may be partially restricted. Our team will review provided information as soon as we receive it.

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