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How do I order a Revolut Reader?

Who can get a Revolut Reader?

To get a Revolut Reader, you need to be a Revolut Business customer in either Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain or France with an approved Merchant account. This is because payments accepted through the Revolut Reader must settle into your Merchant account.

We plan to expand supported countries for card readers. If your business account is not eligible, try using our Merchant plugins and API to integrate Revolut Business with your software.

How to order a Revolut Reader?

You can order the reader before applying for a Merchant account, but your reader will be shipped once your Merchant application is approved and you complete your identity verification.

You can also order up to 20 Revolut Readers.

To order a Revolut Reader:

  • Go to Settings in the Revolut Business app
  • Under Devices select Revolut Reader
  • Enter your delivery address (within the country where your business is registered)
  • Fill in your payment details to complete the order. You can pay by card or with the available funds in your accounts

Once your reader ships, you'll receive an email and SMS with delivery updates and tracking information. We'll send it in a parcel with your name on it and delivery can take up to 5 working days.