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I set-up the integration but don't see any transactions in Xero yet. What happened?

1. If you don't see any transactions in your Xero account, first go to the Xero app in Revolut Business and check:

  • Are accounts in Revolut Business mapped correctly to accounts in Xero?
  • Are there any 'Sync errors' or similar that could be blocking the transactions from syncing?
  • Are you able to see a date recorded for a successful sync of the product?

2. If there are no problems flagged above and your Xero interface suggests that transactions are syncing correctly, then transactions will be arriving in Xero somewhere, please double check:

  • You are looking at the correct account in Xero
  • You have authorised the correct Org in Xero

3. If you see the error 'Account is already connected', this says that the account in Xero you have selected to sync transactions into is already connected to a separate bank feed. On the 'Manage accounts' screen, we recommend you select a different account in Xero that is not connected to a separate bank feed or choose the 'Will be created' option.