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How do I customize my default invoice settings?

You can set various controls and details for new invoices in Invoice Settings. Find it by:

Here you have options to:

  • Set automatic reminders for customers about unpaid invoices
  • Choose the payment methods you offer your customers
  • Change what's printed on the invoice, such as VAT number*, invoice prefix and number*, currency, and contact details
  • Set invoiced payment schedule details (invoice date, due date, supply date)
  • Set series for how many invoices these default settings will recur
  • Choose a logo to be displayed on the invoice
  • Write the email message that accompanies the invoice
  • Enter an extra note that appears on the invoice covering any additional details

*Please note:

  • Invoice numbers are sequential, which means the number set will go up by one for each new invoice drafted. The invoice number is registered permanently – even for deleted drafts you won't be able to reuse the same invoice number.
  • The VAT number on an invoice is not taken from your Revolut Business profile. It must be set in invoice general settings.