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Shareholder' structure verification

How to verify your shareholders’ structure

You can find the list of eligible documents in your application menu in your Home tab. Once you've submitted the documents, please allow us 24 hours to verify them and get back to you.

Accepted documents

Your document must contain the full names of all beneficial owners of your company and their ownership stake, and dated as mentioned:

  • Visura Camerale (with QR code) not older than 3 months
  • Statuto (Articles of Association)
  • Struttura Societaria (Ownership Chart) not older than 12 months
  • Certificato azionario (Shares Certificate)


If any of the above documents provided can't be verified using an unpaid public source, then:

  • For all documents (except share certificates, capitalisation tables, or ownership charts) we will need a copy of the documents certifiedcertified as a true copy

For share certificates, capitalisation (cap) tables, or ownership charts, we will need certified documents as true content