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Why didn't you accept my sales invoice?

Go to requests and select Nature of business to see the last comment by our review team. It should explain why your submission wasn’t accepted, as well as all the information necessary for you to complete the request.

In general, we need an invoice together with a matching bank statement, with below requirements satisfied.

Requirements for the invoice:

  • Contains the business' name
  • Contains the account details and the amount of the transaction
  • Demonstrates the services/goods transacted and they are aligned with the declared business
  • We also need a matching bank statement from a physical bank that confirms that transaction was paid into the company's account

Requirements for the bank statement:

  • Either from a physical bank or from Revolut
  • Related to the business’ account
  • Contains the account number, the amount and the date of the transaction
  • The account number, the amount and the date of the transaction is the same in the provided invoice
  • The transaction is dated in the last 6 months

If you are unable to upload requested documents into your application directly, please complete the form here.