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Common failed card deposit reasons

Common failed card deposit reasons:

  • Failed 3D secure: you didn’t authenticate the deposit with your bank, usually via a notification in their app or with a one-time password via text message.
  • External bank decline: your bank has declined this transaction based on one of their internal rules, such as exceeding certain limits. 
  • Insufficient balance: your external bank balance is below the requested amount.
  • Due to ‌technical issues: these are usually temporary, so you can try this card again later. In the meantime, try another card or method to add money.

Contact your external bank:

  1. From your Home tab, tap 'See all' to open your 'Transaction history'       
  2. Tap the failed deposit      
  3. Tap 'Download' next to 'Confirmation'       
  4. Share this PDF with your bank to investigate