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Travel insurance coverage

The following is only a summary of your Revolut travel insurance coverage and are subject to your policy’s terms and conditions. To check your full policy in-app:

  1. From the 'Home' screen, go to the 'Lifestyle' section of Revolut app
  2. In the list products choose 'Insure'
  3. Select 'Travel', choose a coverage type
  4. Tap 'All documents'


  • Applies worldwide for leisure or business trips provided you follow the travel advice given by the government of your country of residence
  • Includes domestic travel only if you travel at least 100 km away from your primary residence or outside your residential city or town, or your trip includes an overnight stay
  • Premium, Metal, and Ultra plan holders are covered for up to 90 days per trip

Overview of benefits

Medical expenses abroad: if you or a ticket holder need urgent or unplanned medical treatment for an illness (including COVID-19) or injury, while travelling internationally. Learn more in this FAQ.

Trip delay: if your trip is delayed due to a natural disaster, travel carrier delay or traffic accident. Learn more in this FAQ

Trip interruption: if you have to end your trip earlier than planned due to unforeseen circumstances, such as injury or illness. Learn more in this FAQ

Baggage: if your personal baggage, including electronics, are accidentally damaged, destroyed, or stolen during your trip or if your baggage is delayed or lost in transit. Learn more in this FAQ

For Metal and Ultra Plan Only

Car hire excess: if your rental car is stolen or damaged during the rental period. Learn more in this FAQ.

Premium and Metal Plan Only

Trip cancellation: if you have to interrupt or cut short your trip because you, a ticket holder, or a family member becomes sick or injured, including with COVID-19. Learn more in this FAQ

Ultra plan holders are covered for trip and event cancellation. Learn more in this FAQ.