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Why has my transaction been declined?

If you are having trouble using your card and the declined transaction is visible in the app 👉 click on the transaction for the exact decline reason and relevant troubleshooting tips.

Here are possible reasons and solutions for declined card payments:

  • Security system declined the payment. Please review the transaction, unfreeze card in 'Cards' section (the card icon in the top right) and try again. Read more about what to do if a payment was declined by our security system in this FAQ.
  • Cannot see the declined transaction in the app. Read more about declined payments not visible in the app in this FAQ.
  • Paying via Apple Pay/ Google Pay. Please re-add the card or try using a different virtual card. Read more about declined reasons in this FAQ.
  • Insufficient funds. Add money to your account by tapping here. Also, check for any amounts blocked in pending payments. Learn more about declined payments with insufficient funds in this FAQ..
  • Card was not activated. Activate your card by making a purchase using your PIN.
  • Check the card settings. Select the card in 'Cards' section (the card icon in the top right) → 'Settings' Read more about card settings in this FAQ.

For declined online payments, check out this FAQ page.

Revolut cards cannot be used in Russia and Belarus due to international sanctions.