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How much will I receive from a successful ticket cancellation claim?

If you are unable to attend an event because of a sudden and unexpected circumstance, and you were unaware of the circumstance at the time of purchasing the ticket, you will be reimbursed the face value of the ticket(s) up to a maximum €1,000 for any one occurrence, whichever amount is lower. The maximum amount you can receive in a 12-month period is €1,000.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for circumstances qualifying for Ticket Cancellation Protection. Tap 'Lifestyle' in the bottom menu → 'Insure' → 'Purchase' → select a type → 'All Documents'.

The final amount paid out is determined by the insurer and is ultimately dependent on their review of the claim. The amounts mentioned above are the maximum amounts you may be entitled to for a claim and over a 12-month period, respectively.