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When does the purchase protection not cover me?

The Purchase Protection will not be able to cover you for:

  • the first €50 of any claim
  • normal wear and tear
  • damage caused intentionally by you
  • damage to items caused by product defects.
  • theft of or damage to items where you have failed to take sufficient care of them or have left them unsecured or outside your reach.
  • theft not reported to the police within 48 hours of discovery or as soon as reasonably possible and without a written report obtained.
  • confiscation or destruction of purchases by any government, customs or public authority.
  • costs which are recoverable from any other source.
  • theft or damage to: jewellery, precious stones, rare and precious coins or stamps; one of a kind items including antiques, art work and furs; cash or its equivalents (including travellers cheques); stocks, bonds, coupons, securities of all species and equivalent papers; tickets; services; books; animals and plants; consumable and perishable goods; food and beverages; healthcare items; rebuilt and refurbished items; closing down sale items; vehicles and their parts; land and buildings; items permanently affixed to home, office or vehicles; digital data to view or download online (including files, music, films, photos, software); goods purchased to be sold onwards or used for professional purposes; weapons, illegal drugs, counterfeit goods and other goods subject to customs confiscation; purchases on peer-to-peer sites unless from a commercial seller. Any items not paid outright and in full on the account, such as items purchased on payment plans, even if the payment plan is paid on the account.
  • refurbished items
  • cosmetic damage or any damage that does not affect the functionality of a device.
  • shipping costs for sending the item to Qover which exceed €50.

Please see the Terms & Conditions in the app for more details by going to Lifestyle → Insure → Purchase Insurance → Trip & Event cancellation → All Documents.