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When does the ticket cancellation protection not cover me?

A few situations where the Ticket Cancellation Protection will not cover you are:

  • any illness or accident, condition or set of circumstances known by you at the time of the ticket purchase of the ticket. Please see the Terms & Conditions for the full list of exclusion details.
  • any claims where the service provider or event organizer offers a voucher or a reimbursement
  • your disinclination to attend the event
  • any injury or sickness which did not require treatment by a certified medical practitioner
  • loss of the ticket(s)
  • tickets purchased after a government issues advice that prevents you from attending an event
  • event tickets you have purchased for business purposes

Please see the Terms & Conditions in the app for more details.

You can access them in the app by going to Hub → Insurance → select the type and click on 'All documents'.

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