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My transfer has failed

Common reasons your transfer may have failed

  • The transfer has been sent to an unsupported country or in an unsupported currency
  • Incorrect recipient’s details have been used
  • Transfer limits have been exceeded
  • Transfers cannot be performed between your own accounts — use currency exchange instead
  • Account owner hasn't answered our compliance request or chat in time
  • Insufficient profile permissions to make a transfer from the selected currency account
  • The beneficiary bank has rejected the funds. In which case, ask the recipient to contact their bank directly for more information.
  • Account limitations due to ongoing review

If you receive a notification about a failed transfer:

  1. Go to Transfers 
  2. Scroll down to see failed transfers and select the transfer you’d like to resend
  3. You can resend it by clicking on 'Retry' or delete it from the failed transfers list. You can also view the failure reason in the same window.