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How do I receive a SWIFT transfer?

To receive a SWIFT transfer, you'll need to provide the sender with your currency account international details: click on your total balance → select the currency account you want the money to go into → click the flag icon → open the 'International' tab. From there, copy the details or get an account confirmation statement with details in it, and give these details to the sender. Find more about account details here.

Here are a few things to note when receiving SWIFT transfers:

  • Make sure the transfer is sent in supported currency and from supported country.
  • When transferring internationally, some banks will require an 11 digit BIC/SWIFT code. As such, you may need to append 'XXX' to the BIC/SWIFT code shown (e.g: REVOLT21, then same as REVOLT21XXX).
  • If the sender has trouble entering your account details, send them your account confirmation and ask them to contact their bank support.
  • SWIFT transfers can take up to 5 working days (see here) and you'll be charged 5 € if you exceed your international transfers allowance limit (see here).

You do not need to send a transfer if you wish to change funds between your Revolut Business currency accounts. Simply click 'Exchange' on your Home tab to Exchange money.

If you have any issues receiving a transfer, make sure the transfer is sent using your correct account details and please ask the sender to reach out their bank for help. If they redirect you back to Revolut, submit a support request here.