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How does the budgeting feature work?

On the budgeting graph, you can see:

  • How much money is left on your budget, taking into account actual spend until the current date.
  • How much 'safe to spend' you have ('Left of budget' - upcoming payments in the budget period).
  • Accumulated spending over time shown as a coloured line on the graph and current actual spend on the bottom part of the graph.
  • Upcoming payments on the budget cycle.

The 'On track' section below the graph shows you info on your spending rate levels, and will let you know if you've overspent on your budget. You'll also see your suggested daily spending amount.

In case you have any category budgets set, you will see your spending for each category.

Category budget icons are circled with 'ring' indicators, which show how much you have left for each category budget.

To view all this information, just scroll down on your Accounts home page to the Analytics section and tap on the 'Budget' tile, or head to the 'Analytics' screen (the graph icon in the top-right corner of the Home tab) and tap on 'Budget'.

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