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How can I get a My Number document?

My Number Notification Card (マイナンバー通知カード)

Your My Number Notification Card will be mailed to you by registered mail after registering your resident at your local municipal office. It takes around 3 weeks for the card to arrive.

My Number Card (マイナンバーカード)

You can apply for My Number Card by mail or online. The My Number Notification Card which is mailed to your house comes with an application form, which you need to mail with a passport sized photo. You can also apply by submitting your information and photograph 'online'

After you send in your application, you will receive another notification in the mail when it is ready for pick up. You should visit the city hall with the notification letter, photo ID and My Number Notification Card to receive your My Number Card.

For details on how to apply for or renew a My Number Card, please refer to 'the Individual Number Website'

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