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Currency exchange fees

Revolut's currency exchange fees vary depending on the time and the day of the exchange, as well as your plan.

On weekdays (between 6pm New York time on Sunday and 5pm New York time on Friday) no fees apply if you are within your plan's fair usage limit.

On weekends (between 5pm New York time on Friday and 6pm New York time on Sunday) a 1% fee applies. This fee is applied regardless of your plan.

Standard customers who exceed their limit will also be charged an additional 1% fee per exchange, while Plus customers will be charged a reduced 0.5% fee instead. This limit includes all exchanges (Currencies, Crypto and Commodities) and it resets on a rolling 30-day basis.

You can check your allowance and the date and time it will be reset, under 'Your plan' in the 'Profile' section of the app.

You will be able to review the final price and the fee's breakdown before you confirm any exchange.

For more information on the exchange rates, check out this FAQ article.