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Can I choose which accounts fund specific cards?

Change Funding accounts

You can link multiple currency accounts to your active card – every card has to be linked at least to one currency account. To change Funding accounts:

  • Go to Cards and select the card
  • Next to the 'Spend controls' widget, click 'See all'
  • Tap 'Funding accounts' to reveal and adjust the list of accounts linked to a card


Funding accounts can also be used as budgets. You can add money to a project-specific account with a certain amount of funding, and then connect team cards to that single account. Card holders will then only have access to funding from that account. To create more currency accounts, click here.

Note: your access could be limited. If you can’t do certain actions or you wish to extend your permissions, contact your business account owner/admin.

Check out this page to know which countries take card payments, and this page to see their list of currencies.