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Finding my account statement

You can download a full account history in both CSV and PDF files or display the statement in the Business portal. To find this option, please head to 'Home' -> 'Accounts' and choose the relevant transaction list and file type.

You can also download single currency accounts' statements by heading to the same menu, choosing a currency pocket and then 'Transactions'.

In both cases, you can also filter your statements by type of transfer and choose a specific timeframe for it.

You can also download them on our Revolut Business mobile app in either CSV or PDF file. In this case though, it will only be possible to do it for each separate currency by following these steps:

  1. Open the Revolut Business mobile app main page
  2. Click on the drop down list sign next to the total balance
  3. choose the desired currency account
  4. Click on 'Statement'
  5. Choose the desired format
  6. Select the time by scrolling down the months' tab
  7. Turn 'on'/ 'off' completed transactions as per your wish

Recently, we have added integrations with some of the most popular online accounting tools to make your life easier.

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