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What is a Flexible Account, and how do I create a new one?

Flexible Accounts offer a strategic approach to maximise your savings in the face of rising living costs. Available to both existing and new customers, Flexible Accounts provide complete flexibility, allowing you to top up or withdraw funds at any time (T&Cs apply) while earning daily interest, which may change on a daily basis. 

Flexible Accounts invest in money market funds, which have low volatility, high liquidity and diversified high-quality instruments. They serve as a competitive choice for customers seeking returns in line with money market rates to safeguard their money against inflation with lower expected risk compared to other investments, although in unfavourable market conditions you could still lose part or all your principal investment. Historically, these funds were primarily accessible to institutional investors and typically used by corporations and banks to preserve the value of their funds.

To open and invest in a Flexible Account, search for the 'Savings' product in-app and start earning interest overnight. Please review Flexible Accounts Terms and Conditions and the Risk Disclosure document before investing in Flexible Accounts.