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What is a delayed (offline) card payment?

A delayed transaction is a charge that isn't processed immediately but is scheduled to occur at a later time or date. In certain situations, like on a plane, underground, or while paying via Apple Pay or Google Pay, merchants may be unable to process payments in real-time, or a payment may be declined or reversed later.

In these cases, merchants have two options:

  1. Process the transaction later
  2. Save the card details and re-attempt the declined or reversed transaction again later

In any case, the transaction will take a few hours or days to appear in-app.

A delayed transaction could cause your balance to drop below zero if you don't have enough money to cover the transaction amount. If you make a payment and don’t see it appear in-app straight away, it’s important to be aware that it may still be processed a few hours or days later.

Delayed transactions can't be declined by Revolut, and will still go through even if they aren’t processed immediately at the time you make the purchase. Read more about what to do if you see a delayed payment in this FAQ.