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What is a virtual card

A virtual card is a digital payment card. Virtual cards are at no cost to create and can be used instantly. We have two types of virtual cards:

Multi-use card

  • Can be used for any online, Apple Pay/Google Pay card payments
  • Cannot be used for cash withdrawals

To learn more about how to use your multi-use virtual card with Apple Pay, read these FAQs.

Single-use card

  • Card number regenerates after each use for extra security
  • Can only be used for one-time online card payments
  • Cannot be used with Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • Cannot be used for cash withdrawals or pre-authorisations, including subscriptions, hotel reservations, and car rentals

How to view virtual card details

  1. Go to your 'Home' screen
  2. Tap the cards icon in the top-right corner
  3. Tap a virtual card, then tap 'Show details'
  4. Enter your passcode. You may also be asked for a one-time passcode

If you don’t use your single-use card within 24 hours of viewing the card details, the number will be regenerated.

Refunds to virtual cards

You can always receive a refund, even if your virtual card is no longer active or the card number has changed.

If the merchant asks for a card number, you can let them know the card is no longer active and share an active Revolut card number instead.

If your card payment with a virtual card is getting declined, check this article.