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Can I choose between Visa and Mastercard?

Before ordering your card, the app will show you which brand (Visa or Mastercard) is available for you. It depends on several factors, including your location and selected card design. At the moment, you can’t choose which brand your card is. If your preferred brand isn't available in your selected design, try checking out other designs. Some cards are only available with paid plans.

After ordering your card, you won’t be able to change its design. Instead, you’ll need to cancel the order and place a new card order with a design that supports the brand you’d like. Learn how to place a new card order or cancel an existing order.

Using a Visa and Mastercard

  • Visa and Mastercard can be used almost anywhere globally, with any merchant that accepts card payments (in-store or online). Most stores accept both Visa and Mastercard, so you likely won't notice a difference between the two when you use your card
  • The benefits offered by premium VISA or Mastercard cards (Visa Infinite, World/World Elite Mastercard) may not be available on your Revolut card. Read our Visa and Mastercard benefits FAQ for more information. Or, learn more about the benefits of your Revolut card

At the moment, we don't offer the following types of cards: American Express, Union Pay, PayPal, Cirrus, and Discover. We’ve also discontinued Maestro cards.