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How can I get a loan or credit limit?

To apply for a credit product, visit Accounts → Select + Add new → Get a loan/Credit Card, and submit your application. Once you provide all the required information and, if needed, documents and we’ve completed our credit evaluation, you’ll see your offer displayed in-app. You’ll also be able to view all the conditions associated with your credit offer, while having the option to adjust the final terms and credit limit or loan (as applicable) amount within the frame of the amount and term reflected in our offer. After signing the agreement, you’ll receive the money straight away into your Revolut account.

Please ensure you’ve got the latest version of our app. 

Under Lithuanian law, credit assessment cannot be performed, and credit agreements cannot be finalised (including disbursement) after 22:00 (GMT+3) and before 7:00 (GMT+3). We’ll send you a notification to let you know when you can accept it.