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How does Revolut decide whether to offer me credit?

The decision is made on the basis of an overall evaluation of your credit history, financial capacity, and income stability.

Every applicant should meet the following key criteria:

  • Income should be sustainable, and either represented in SODRA, or justified by other acceptable documents such as a bank statement or income return. For more detailed information, please refer to our 'What proof of income is required?' FAQ.
  • A minimum of four (4) months of uninterrupted income history. A longer income history may be required for some income types. For more detailed information, please refer to our 'What is the minimum duration of activity that I need to apply for a loan or a credit card?' FAQ.
  • A minimum of €750 in monthly income after tax. A minimum income amount might differ depending on the number of dependents (if any).
  • Your (and your family's) monthly expenses for covering existing financial obligations should not exceed 40% of your monthly income after tax.
  • An acceptable credit history.