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How do I invite team members via the HR integration?

Using the HR integration to invite team members saves you a lot of manual work. To do so, you first need to set up the integration . Make sure you have the ‘Manage team members’ and ‘Manage integrations’ permissions to proceed.

To invite with HR integration:

  • Go to Team tab → InviteInvite from HR software → select the team members you want to invite from the list we pulled from your HR software
  • Or you can automate invitation of new joiners by enabling Auto-invite (see below)

Automate team member onboarding with auto-invite for new joiners

  • Auto-invite is an optional setting that can be enabled while connecting to the HR software as described in this article.
  • It can also be enabled or disabled later in Team tab → Settings → click Manage next to the HR software banner  toggle Auto-invite on or off in the preference page of the HR integration you set up.
  • Auto-invite periodically scans your HR software for new team members, automatically inviting them with a no-spending setup (Member role and no cards). Adjustments can be made after the invitations.

We currently support integrations with Google Workspace, but are working to support new ones in the future.