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What are passkeys?

Passkeys were collaboratively developed by major tech companies, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and the Fido Alliance, with the aim of enhancing the security and accessibility of online accounts.

Utilising cryptography, passkeys generate a unique code on your device, offering a secure alternative to traditional password sign-ins.

In contrast to passwords or passcodes, which may be susceptible to forgetting, guessing, or theft, passkeys are locally generated and remain exclusive to your device, without being shared or stored on external servers.

Passkeys can be conveniently stored in various locations, including:

  • Your browser (e.g. Chrome)
  • Apple, Google, or Microsoft devices
  • Password Manager
  • iCloud/Microsoft/Google Cloud

What are the advantages of using passkeys?

High Security - Passkeys provide robust security by resisting common online threats such as password/passcode breaches, password/passcode enumeration, and phishing attacks.

User-Friendly - The user experience with passkeys is exceptionally friendly. With a single click and completion of your device-specific unlock method, such as a biometric scan, PIN, or password/passcode, you can sign in effortlessly. Passkeys can also be synchronised with your Apple, Google, or Microsoft cloud accounts, enabling cross-device usage for added convenience.