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What will change with my paid plan?

New benefits are what you asked for, and that's what we're giving you with our new benefits package.

We're introducing a pricing change, but we want you to have time to evaluate our new benefits, check them all here. If you don’t like what you see, we're offering a one month notice period where you have the flexibility to cancel your plan without incurring any fees.

Please check your email for details about this, and contact us via the in-app chat if you haven't received anything.

You'll get all the info you need about new benefits and timelines for downgrading your plan to Standard without any cancellation fees before the new pricing is introduced.

👉 Go to our pricing plans page to see the pricing changes that apply to your country.

You won't be able to remain on the old Metal and Premium plan benefit bundle and associated fees after the new pricing effective date.

The new price for Metal and Premium won't change until the date mentioned in the communication you receive.