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Promotional offers and trials

We occasionally create promotions for new and existing Revolut users. If you're eligible for one, you'll be notified in-app and through other communication channels we use.

You can't ask for a promotional trial. Our automated system determines whether you're eligible or not.

Promotional trial

This trial is offered to selected users who've successfully verified their identity. By accepting the promotion, you'll be upgraded for a specified period to one of our paid plans. If you do not see an offer in your app, your account isn't eligible for this offer.

Once you're upgraded, normal monthly plan subscription fees will apply after the promotional trial period.

Do I have to pay to cancel a trial?

There's no charge for cancelling your promotional trial within the trial period. But, if you ordered a physical card, you'll need to pay the card and delivery fees.

🔍 Check a plan downgrade process in this FAQ.

If you don't downgrade within the trial period, your plan will continue automatically on a rolling monthly billing cycle (e.g. Metal, if your trial was for Metal). Normal monthly plan subscription fees will apply after the trial period.

🔍 Read Terms & Conditions for more details.