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Investment scams

An investment scam is when fraudsters try to convince you to move your money to a fake fund or to pay for a fake investment. Scammers approach Revolut Clients via other social media platforms, or via email, promising very tempting investment opportunities.

What do fraudsters do?

Scammers usually tend to pass by a broker promising you high value returns on a specific investment, asking you to perform a payment to some investment websites. Once these payments are made, we'll ask to approve it via an SMS that'll be sent to your phone, confirming you want to do this payment. After the scammer receives the payment, they'll stop responding.

How can I avoid it?

  • Get advice before you invest - if you're interested in the investment, take the time to talk with a third party, disinterested person. Talk to your regular stockbroker, your attorney, your accountant, or any other reputable consultant.
  • Use genuine companies - you can use FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to find trustworthy companies or seek advice on scams
  • Check the website before you invest - make sure the address is correct, the layout looks professional, you can easily find the contact details of an investment company and check if they have good reviews
  • Verify if the investment is registered in official records in your country
  • Beware of promises of high rates of return and/or quick profits. Scammers are very persuasive, usually they tend to promise very high returns with very little to no risk. Always be suspicious about these perfect opportunities of investment.
  • Be suspicious of high-pressure sale. Always be suspicious when someone is pushing you to act fast, you should be able to have time to assess the situation.
  • Beware of unsolicited offers. Receiving a call for a perfect investment opportunity? Be careful about these calls, they could be a scam.