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Scam messages

🪝 What is phishing?

Phishing is an online scam where criminals deceive you to obtain your account details by sending fake messages. They can impose to be a Courier, Energy Provider, Government Entities or Revolut employee to trick you into revealing your password, PIN, card number, etc.

🤔 What do fraudsters do?

Fraudsters use emails and texts to scam your banking details and funds. They may ask you to click a link, fill out a form, or open attachments containing viruses.

💡 How can I avoid it?

  • Pay extra attention to email or SMS notifications.
  • If unsure who the sender is, do not reply.
  • Double-check the details before you pay.
  • Look for spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Avoid hasty decisions, think twice.
  • Contact us to verify the source.