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My friend hasn’t received the Card yet. How can they complete the purchases?

Your friend can make purchases online or just add their virtual or physical card to Apple Pay or Google Pay, and start spending! They don’t need to wait for the physical card.

Your friend has to make 3 purchases that are:

  • Greater or equal to the minimum amount shown on the 'Referrals' screen. This amount is different depending on the referrer’s region;
  • Made before the deadline;
  • Currency exchange transactions, transfers, gambling, or gift cards aren't considered valid purchases.

The invitee can make card payments:

  • With a virtual or physical card, online or in-store;
  • With Apple Pay or Google Pay;
  • Before or after ordering a physical card.

Purchases made with cards associated with Revolut Pro, Revolut <18, Revolut Business, or a Joint Account won't count.

Once the 3 qualifying purchases are made, this step will be ✅ marked in green in the app.

For T&Cs go to 'Referrals' main screen → scroll down → 'Terms & Conditions'.