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What are the requirements to get the Referral Reward?

Reward can only be granted if a friend you invited has completed all of the required steps before the deadline.

For you to get the reward, your friend has to:

  • Sign up with the unique referral link, and verify their identity;
  • Add money to their Revolut account with a card or bank transfer. Transfers between Revolut accounts and adding money with Apple Pay or Google pay don’t count;
  • Order a physical Revolut card;
  • Make 3 legitimate purchases with their virtual or physical Revolut card, online, or in-store. Purchases with Apple Pay or Google Pay will work too.

Three purchases need to be greater or equal to a minimum amount visible on the Referrals screen. This amount is different depending on the referrer’s region.

Currency exchange transactions, transfers, gambling, and gift cards aren't considered valid purchases.

For T&Cs go to 'Referrals' main screen → scroll down → 'Terms & Conditions'.

If you think there was a mistake, your friend completed all steps, and a reward should be granted, please submit a help request below.