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Crypto Learn rewards

The reward amount for completing a lesson or course can be checked in-app before you start them. Rewards may vary based on your crypto activity, and can change over time or be completely removed.

Crypto Learn rewards are paid in cryptocurrency. However, the app will also display the value of the cryptocurrency in fiat currency, for example, 5 USD worth of DOT. Once you successfully complete a lesson, you'll receive the cryptocurrency reward at its current price.

Limitations on Rewards

You can only receive the reward for a lesson or course once. However, you can revisit the lesson to review the content and take the quiz as many times as you'd like.

Missing Rewards

Crypto Learn rewards are usually credited to your account within a few seconds, however, in some cases, the reward might be delayed for up to 2 business days after being confirmed in your app.

Revolut can change the reward amount or remove it completely, and rewards are limited.

If you’re not seeing a reward, the reward pool may have run out. We may offer the rewards again in the future, but can't promise this.