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What information do I need to provide to onboard to Trading?

During the onboarding for trading, you need to provide the following items.

Tax identification number for country of residence in app:

  • Make sure your TIN(s) information is accurate by tapping on 'Account' → 'Personal details' → 'Additional information' → 'Tax residencies';
  • You can find your country of residence by tapping on Profile picture on the top left of the screen → 'Account' → 'Personal details' → 'Residential address'.

Nationality identifier:

  • Here is a list of valid forms of national identifiers.

Spousal consent declaration if you are a Lithuanian resident and married:

  • Here is more information on what spousal consent is and why it's required to start investing.

After that, we undertake verification checks. The sign-up process may be rejected or delayed in the following circumstances:

  • You provide an incorrect TIN(s). The TIN(s) provided in your profile should match the one you enter during the sign-up process. You can edit your TIN(s) here;
  • Your spouse hasn't responded to the spousal consent request or we were not able to verify the information provided. Please find the full list of alternative methods for providing spousal consent on this page;
  • If you've previously had a trading account with Revolut, we need to undertake some additional checks before we can approve the signup.