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What’s a chargeback on my Merchant account?

A chargeback happens when a customer or cardholder attempts to get their money back from a transaction that may have been fraudulent or disputed. In a chargeback, the 2 main parties are the customer and the merchant, represented by the card issuer and the acquirer, in this case Revolut Business, respectively.

Chargebacks can be started for multiple reasons, including but not limited to fraud or a disputed transaction.

To raise a chargeback, cardholders have to contact their issuing bank who then formally raises the chargeback with the card network (Visa, Mastercard). The card network then brings the chargeback to our attention, and we let the merchant know.

If a chargeback is raised against you, our team will reach out and support you through the process. You can choose to challenge the cardholder's claim if you wish to.