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Can I still get my salary paid to my Revolut account?

If your salary is currently being paid into your Revolut account using your local account details, you will need to notify your employer of this change. Some employers may not allow you to be paid your salary using your international IBAN (International Bank Account Number). In this case you need to provide your employer with an alternative local account number to receive your salary payments.  

Any bank transfers received using your local CZK or HUF account details cannot be credited from 24 March 2021 (for UK customers)/ 5 April 2021 (for EEA customers) onward, so you will not be able to receive any salary payments using these details from that date. Please provide your employer with your new details immediately to ensure that you receive your salary in line with your employer’s payroll schedule. Revolut will not be responsible for any inconvenience caused if you do not update your employer and your salary payment is returned to your employer’s account. 

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